Horse Health and Nutrition

Feed, Fodder ... and Minerals!

Horses need a mix of nutritional natural fresh foods, dry fodder, vitamins and minerals to keep them healthy and strong. They need fresh drinking water, lots of proteins, oils, forages and diet supplements to maintain their energy and vitality. They love crunching on fresh carrots and apples, but did you know horses also love salt! (What’s more, it is essential that horses have access to salt.)

Give your horses and livestock free access to mineral salt licks to accompany their regular diet to help them to stay active and healthy.  This will allow them to get the right mix of natural trace elements and minerals in an easy to digest and absorb form.  And the animals will love it!

“I use and recommend Minrosa rock salt products.  They are an essential ingredient in natural feeding and preventive nutrition for horses and all animals.”
See Victoria's report below on caring for horses in extreme weather.

Victoria Ferguson Dip.Herb.Med. The Country Herbalist Pty Ltd

Free Choice

If your horse is active with showing, eventing or racing, the chances are he needs lots of extra energy requirements to stay healthy.

Giving him free access to Mineral Salt Licks along with his regular diet will help him to stay active and healthy. He can choose to “lick it as he needs it”, giving him the right intake of natural trace elements and minerals.



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